Congratulations to Patti Smith, Goddess of the Known World

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010 in Audio Recordings, RocknRoll
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Patti Smith

Last night, Patti Smith won the National Book Award, for her memoir of bohemian life in New York, Just Kids.


A long time ago, in another world, the 1970s, Bat Terrier heard Patti Smith sing Lou Reed‘s Pale Blue Eyes and decided she was a goddess. Then came Smith’s first record, Horses, and it was obvious she was a rocker and a poet, too. She said the most amazing things–“those who have suffered understand suffering and thereby extend their hands,” “Jesus died for some somebody’s sins, but not mine.” Bat Terrier has loved her ever since. Her voice is the sound of a heart breaking with compassion for the world. And she’s funny (and wise):

And a true rock goddess:

Congratulations, Patti!


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