Brenda Hillman on Poetry and (Radical) Politics

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2012 in Poetics, Writers and Politics
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Prize-winning poet Brenda Hillman has been deeply engaged with war resistance, Code Pink, and the Occupy movements for many years. In this interview she discusses poetry and politics with terrific lucidity and deep knowledge.

One of the smartest statements on the need for an engaged poetics that I’ve read. Highly recommended.

Here are a few small extracts, but, really, go read the entire interview:

“We cannot wait for our engagement to be packaged by the State and sold back to us as corporate political parties. We have to use our great imaginations. Poets should be resisters and harridans when things are amiss in the State.”

“I now believe that our protests must involve the whole broken monetary system; society is not fixable under the current model, in that it cannot bring justice to a large number of people who are serving the few.”


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