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Bat Terrier, like most writers, is a big believer in libraries, so Robert Darnton‘s idea of a national digital library seems like a Very Good Thing Indeed. (For more details, see this post.) A national digital library, as Darnton envisions it, would make freely available via the Internet virtually all of the books and other documents now held by America’s best research libraries. There are hurdles, of course, primarily legal, but the cost is surprisingly cheap, compared, say, to the costs of maintaining a war. Well worth thinking about as we muddle onward. More detail and discussion here.


Photograph of Cory Doctorow

Nice article here by Cory Doctorow on copyright, “copyleft,” Creative Commons, etc. arrangements for artists and writers.

Takeaways: 1) No matter what you do, you probably won’t make any money (sigh); 2) Oddly enough, giving it away free may help; 3) Giving it away free means you can keep giving it away free (no corporate mega-giant evil-thing can ever restrict yr rights).

Well worth reading. Recommended.

Creative Commons goodness here.