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Film is, arguably, the dominant art of our time. It is also, usually, a narrative form. It makes sense, then, to study film if you are interested in narrative. Good films are often masterpieces of narrative structure and great films always are.

A good start–candycanesammy’s Thoughts on Film website, especially this post: WGA 101 BEST SCREENPLAY LIST RECAP, written on 13 January 2011. In this article, candycanesammy explains what he has learned from watching and analyzing the films on the WGA Best Screenplay list. His analysis is chuck full of  nuggets of writerly goodness. Highly recommended for fictioneers.


Baz Luhrmann is directing a new film version of Scott Fitzgerald‘s “perfect” novel, The Great Gatsby. The film will be released next summer and stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan as Daisy and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carroway. Click here to see a Daily Mail article on the filming that contains some terrific pictures of the actors in period dress. Fitzgerald’s writing in Gatsby, of course, is so beautiful that Hunter Thompson typed the text word-for-word just to get closer to the language. As have many others, including the Bat Terrier. You should certainly celebrate news of the film by reading Gatsby again. Click here for a free e-book.