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OK, this is cool. Poems by the great Modernist poet Wallace Stevens illustrated by contemporary artists. And more will be coming all week. Check the link. My favorite so far: Sean Michael Robinson’s graphic novel treatment of “Sunday Morning.” Such an interesting project! Recommended.


David Foster Wallace at microphone

If you… succumb to the idea that the audience is too stupid, then there are two pitfalls… the avant-garde pitfall, where you have the idea that you’re writing for other writers… (or) crass, cynical, commercial pieces… done in a formulaic way…

…these two sides both come out of the same thing… contempt for the reader… The project that’s worth trying is to do stuff that has some of the richness… of avant-garde literary stuff, stuff that makes the reader confront things rather than ignore them, but to do that… in a way that it’s also pleasurable to read.

— from Salon

These are the best books Bat Terrier has read this year. Of course, the year isn’t done, and this list might change. But so far, these books all look like contenduhs.

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(Full disclosure: No books by friends listed here.)