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Only one thing remained reachable, close and secure amid all losses: language. Yes, language. In spite of everything, it remained secure against loss. But it had to go through its own lack of answers, through terrifying silence, through the thousand darknesses of murderous speech. It went through. It gave me no words for what was happening, but went through it. Went through and could resurface, ‘enriched’ by it all.

Paul Celan, 1958


George Orwell‘s eleven golden rules for making a proper cup of tea.

And his rules for writing. Seriously and highly recommended. One cannot read these rules often enough.

And, finally, if you want the complete Orwell experience, make yourself a nice cup of tea and then sit down to read his great essay, “Politics and the English Language.”


Discovery of Koro, a completely undocumented language, spoken by about 1000 people in northern India. Oddly enough, the speakers did not realize they were speaking a language different from their neighbors.