Submission Guidelines

Note that submissions to Bat Terrier will close permanently on Sept. 1, 2012. Material submitted after that time will be deleted unread.


What can you do with 99 words? Bat Terrier would like to know.

Send your compressions de création: micro-essays, hint fictions, tiny lyrics, wild and explosive expériences brèves. “Avant-garde,” post-everything approach encouraged, but all interesting work will be considered.

Send no more than three texts, each no longer than 99 words. Use minimal formatting, .doc extension.

Audience: Large, hungry. Your work, if accepted, will be read within minutes, probably on a small screen–maybe by someone commuting on a bus or stuck in an airport who needs a little shot of kul-chuh.

No payment, publication immediate, all rights revert to author upon publication.

Bat Terrier reports very quickly, usually within  two weeks.

Email submissions to Title your mail: Submission for Bat Terrier. No cover letter or bio, please. (But if I accept your work, I will want a picture and a short bio.)

Note: Bat Terrier does NOT comment on submissions or rejections.

Do not submit to Bat Terrier more than once every six months.


Joe Ahearn

  1. Janssen pineda says:

    can it be less than 99 words?
    just curious

  2. Joe Ahearn says:

    Yes, we accept submissions of any length, up to 99 words.

    Bat Terrier

  3. Mark J. Mitchell says:

    Excuse me, thanks for the guidelines, but do you have an e-mail address for submissions? It doesn’t seem to be on the site.

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