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For a nice case of the chuckles-and-snorts, see Eric Jett and Alex Shephard’s truly funny Book Review to English dictionary. What does a reviewer mean when she writes that a book was “gripping” or “timely”? According to Jett and Shephard, in review-speak, those terms mean “I read it on the toilet” and “mentions Twitter or terrorism.” See the link for more–I only wish the dictionary was longer.


Interesting post at The Nervous Breakdown about how the publishing industry really works these days. Takeaway for writers: “Becoming an author in order to get rich is like going to the desert in order to become wet.” (Sigh.) Recommended.

What is a book review? And why should we read them? Joseph Mackin at the New York Journal of Books has the scoop: “Reviews are essential tools for supplying the critical data that readers need to situate a book in the universal library.”

And new recordings of Scott Fitzgerald reading Keats and Shakespeare at PennSound.