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The Devil’s Toybox

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2012 in Fiction
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Stephanie knew she was alone. Everyone else was dead—her parents, her brother, and even her cat. The matryoshka dolls that looked like each member of the family showed how they had died. All except for one.

Stephanie examined every surface of the unblemished doll. The dim light that spilled into the hallway caught a new shine on the painted surface. A trickle of red flowed from the doll’s left temple. Light glinted off her father’s handgun at the foot of the steps. She was certain it hadn’t been there when she had come downstairs.

Stephanie turned and fled.

— Dawn Vogel

Dawn Vogel has been published as a non-fiction editor and as a short fiction writer. She has been published recently in Cobalt City Timeslip and Cobalt City Dark Carnival, both available from Timid Pirate Publishing ( She works as a historical researcher, traveling and seeing the sights all over the country with her nose buried in dusty old records. In her alleged spare time, she runs a craft business, helps officiate roller derby, and tries to find time for writing. She lives in Seattle with her awesome husband (and fellow author), Jeremy Zimmerman, and their herd of cats.