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Andrew Miller has a good article on how to create fictional characters in today’s Guardian. Click here. Very smart; well worth reading.


“No one writes for long without understanding that they are entering mystery and will never leave it.”

“At its simplest, its barest, characterisation is about a writer’s grasp of what a human being is. When we set out to write, we do not do so out of a sense of certainty but out of a kind of radical uncertainty. We do not set out saying: ‘The world is like this.’ But asking: ‘How is the world?'”


Levi Bryant on character in novels:

Characters in novels should be written from the outside in, gradually revealing themselves through the perspectives of other characters…  The being of the character should always be slipping away, unclear, fraught… The identity of a character should be like a mystery in a detective novel, but without resolution. The points of view should say more about the person who views than what is viewed. But even that should slip away and be elusive…

More at “Characters” (and the comments are interesting, too).