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Katrina Kittle talks about writer’s routines and the sacredness of writing time.

And Flavorwire shows you what some famous writers did with their sacred writing time: Writer’s doodles.

And, finally, do you write better when you write by hand? See the lengthy discussion at the CBC Radio blog. Bat Terrier’s opinion: maybe not better, but writing with a vintage fountain pen on  nice rag paper is and end in itself, like eating blackberries.


“When I’m traveling, and not alone at my desk, after a while I get depressed. I’m happy when I’m alone in a room and inventing. More than a commitment to the art or to the craft, which I am devoted to, it is a commitment to being alone in a room. I continue to have this ritual, believing that what I am doing now will one day be published, legitimizing my daydreams. I need solitary hours at a desk with good paper and a fountain pen like some people need a pill for their health. ”

–Orhan Pamuk

(from The Art of Fiction, No. 187)