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Katrina Kittle talks about writer’s routines and the sacredness of writing time.

And Flavorwire shows you what some famous writers did with their sacred writing time: Writer’s doodles.

And, finally, do you write better when you write by hand? See the lengthy discussion at the CBC Radio blog. Bat Terrier’s opinion: maybe not better, but writing with a vintage fountain pen on  nice rag paper is and end in itself, like eating blackberries.


Ty Cobb
“I see great things in baseball.” – Walt Whitman

William Carlos Williams’ The Crowd at the Ball Game
Donald Hall’s baseball poetry
Marianne Moore’s Baseball and Writing
Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Baseball Canto
Tom Clark’s The Great One
Gregory Corso’s Dream of a Baseball Star
John Updike’s Tao in the Yankee Stadium Bleachers
And of course Ernest Lawrence Thayer‘s Casey at the Bat
Late-breaking news:

Don’t forget Lisa Siedlarz’s I Dream My Brother Plays Baseball, a chapbook you can download for FREE.

And a lovely poem by Galway Kinnell with a funny reference to baseball players and kid’s pajamas.

Here I sat on a boulder by the winter-steaming river and put my head in my hands and considered time – which is next to nothing, merely what vanishes, and yet can make one’s elbows nearly pierce one’s thighs.

Here I forgot how to sing in the old way and listened to frogs at dusk make their more angelic croaking.

Here the local fortune teller took my hand and said, “What is still possible is inspired work, faithfulness to a few, and a last love, which, being last, will be like looking up and seeing the parachute dissolving in a shower of gold.”