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Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in Poems
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What will be enough?

To squeeze an orange,

scrape its rind,

breathe in the pungency?

Or simply to spread the butter

with a fat, ornate knife?

And do you imagine you

will be satisfied in heaven

with trumpets

and the fantastical vision

that must slowly absorb you,

you who still feel you have never yet

been even here,

who spend your mornings

in this early cold

listening to a dripping faucet,


John Richards is a employment and trial lawyer practicing in Texas but living in St. Louis.  He came to poetry late in life through an unexpected turn in his psychoanalysis and then studied at the Writer’s Garret in Dallas under Jack Myers, Brian Clements and Joe Ahearn.


Abstract painted image

Take a look at this  comic-book version of Frank Chimero‘s idea’s of creativity. Especially good on what poet Jack Myers call associational logic or what Chimero would call jumping the lines on a mind map.

Worthy and recommended.

(And Jack, how we miss you.)

Many thanks to TeslaRadio for the Chimero  link.

Image: Alfonso Calafato