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Ingrid Ricks breaks down the basics of author self-promotion: build a web site, use social media, blog, reach out to book bloggers, send out press releases. Good advice, but Bat Terrier wonders what ever happened to silence, exile, and cunning as an author’s primary strategies… 😉


Virginia Woolf in 1902

“Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigue, I have had my vision.” –VW

Virginia Woolf wrote game-changing fiction every bit as radiant and profound as Joyce‘s, Faulkner‘s and Proust‘s–and she wrote essays better than any of them did. She is, in Bat Terrier’s estimation, Serious Business.

You can read most of Woolf’s major works, and a lot of the major criticism of her, for free on the web. Books here , criticism here.

Want to hear her voice? Here’s the only surviving audio recording we have.

And here are photos of books that Woolf bound by hand.