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John Deming at Coldfront has an excellent summary of the twists and turns of the BlazeVOX pay-to-play imbroglio. As of today, BlazeVOX will not close and will continue its pay-for-publication practice. In email today, BlazeVOX’s editor, Geoffrey Gatza, admitted he was using the press as a source of personal income and that payments from authors would be used to pay for the time he spends producing books. Gatza is certainly not getting rich this way–as everyone knows, there is little money in poetry–but his practice does seem a bit unusual: most small-press editors donate their time.


Report: Dean Young benefit, NYC

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 in Clipping
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John Deming of Cold Front has kindly written up an account of the Dean Young benefit in NYC last night. For particulars, see the link:

Coldfront » Report: Dean Young benefit, NYC

And please consider donating to the Dean Young transplant fund.