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Astrid Lorange on Gertrude Stein and “the poetics of spanking.”

Luc Sante waxes nostalgic over life in New York in the Seventies: “New York City was the only imaginable home, the only place that posted no outer limit on appearance or behavior.”

John Steinbeck on fiction.


What to do once you’re laid off… Hmm…  Maybe explore a new career as a hit man? Here’s a link to the very best corporate-castoff-killer book:  Donald Westlake‘s bitterly hilarious thriller, The Ax. And since you now have plenty of time to read, you  can also check out Iain Levinson’s  Since the Layoffs.

Think that out-and-out vagrancy is where we’re headed? Then revisit Steinbeck‘s The Grapes of Wrath, or maybe pick up  dumpster-diving tips from Lars Eigner’s classic memoir, Travels with Lisbeth.

Done with fiction? Settling in for the long decline?  Here’s the book for you: Capital.