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Having found the companionship of a good dog indispensable to his writing efforts, Bat Terrier invites you to view these charming pictures of writers and their dogs: Amy Tan with Bubba Zo, William Styron and Aquinnah, Kurt Vonnegut with Pumpkin, Amy Hempel with Wanita, Stephen King and Marlowe, EL Doctorow with Becky, John Cheever with Flora, and many others.

The dog to the left? That’s Henry. He helps me write things.


Vonnegut at typewriter“So it goes.” — KV

Thinking about Kurt Vonnegut now, some thirty-five years since I first read him, what strikes me most is the man’s fundamental decency.  This quality is sadly, all too rare in writers, who often seem to be positively writhing with their hustles.  And then, of course, there is Vonnegut’s humor, his wisdom– and the strange wandering genius of his books.

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