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Excellent article in the New York Review of Books by Michael Kimmelman on Gertrude Stein and her brothers, Leo and Michael. Kimmelman explores, among other topics,  Stein’s puzzling support of  Fascism.

“What might be called the inherent narcissism of modernist abstraction, with its inward-turning focus on its own formal means and devices, its willful divorce from the sort of close social observation and proletarian politics that caused writers like Dreiser, Zola, and Sinclair Lewis to be tarred as anti-modernists, is not incompatible with the clean-sweep radicalism promised by fascism… (nor) with the notion of a centralized, supreme… authority.”


Ezra Pound Great Modernist Poet Wanted

–Must write the most ambitious, technically accomplished long poem of twentieth century.
–Must edit The Waste Land into masterpiece.
–Must pick Joyce, Eliot, Hemingway, H. D. and Williams as winners when everyone else thinks they’re losers.


— Must not publicly support MussoliniItalian Fascism, or other dreadful politics
— Must especially not broadcast over the radio for the enemy during wartime
— O do not, do not, get yourself charged with treason
— And finally, please, please, do not get yourself declared insane and spend twelve years in an asylum
— Etc.