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Each day leading up to the March 10 announcement of the 2010 National Book Critic’s Circle award winners, the Critical Mass blog highlights one of the thirty-one finalists. To plug into their coverage, click here. Of particular interest: Stephen Burt‘s article on Clare Cavanagh’s “Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics.”

Dean Radar asks: Who are the great poets? Write him and let him know who you think is a contenduh. (And maybe also read his terrific book of poems, Works and Days.)


Molly Gaudry meditates on the prose poem, as exemplified in that excellent journal of prose poetry goodness, Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics. She also includes a list of exemplary books of prose poetry.

National Book Critics Circle: Best of the small presses, 2010

And Charles Simic, the current Poet Laureate, on “shoveling snow with Nietzsche.”