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Excellent article by Luc Sante on the origin of the blues. Sante reviews books on the blues by Lawrence Cohn, Alan Lomax, Stephen Calt, Peter Guralnick, and Alan Greenberg and along the way writes excellent capsule histories of early blues players Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, and others.

It’s always intrigued me that the classic blues line has five stresses, just like Shakespeare’s blank verse. And the blues, of course, like Shakespeare, is full of ghosts, murders and tragic love. Sante says some one person intentionally invented the blues–it didn’t just evolve. A blues Shakespeare, one we’ll never know…


These are the best books Bat Terrier read this year. (Disclosure: no books by friends on this list.)

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The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth  Century, Alex Ross