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Excellent article by William Scott in The Nation updating us all on the efforts made to keep the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library going despite two police raids. Click here for the article.

“We’re still accepting donations and lending books just as we always have, but we’ve reorganized ourselves somewhat. We now have three mobile units staffed by OWS librarians, which we can take anywhere we want.”

Plus an amazing tale of poetry’s effect on riot police…

The People’s Library also has a blog–read  more and find out how to contribute books. Click this link.


The New York Police Department, under the direction of Michael Bloomberg, razed the New York Occupy Wall Street site last night. Part of their work was to demolish the OWS Library and to throw away more than 5,000 donated books and many records that might have made up a valuable cultural archive. Corey Doctorow writes about the raid here. Galley Cat has more news here. More than 150 people were arrested. OWS librarians state that books and other records were destroyed before they were thrown into dump trucks. A sad day. But online OWS-related libraries are springing up. See a list here. Presumably, these libraries, because they are online, cannot be raided and destroyed.

Occupy Wall Street is about protest, sure, but the people there are also really interested in modeling a new democratic society. And apparently one of the first orders of business for that society has been to organize a FREE library with donated books.  How cool is that? You can read about it here.

The library not only already has books; they also have a catalog, a scanning operation and they’re up on the web and on LibraryThing. These are proper librarians, ya’ll.

And you know what else they’ve got? A mailing address. They like getting books in the mail. And, hmmm…, so many of you that read this blog are authors and you probably have extra books laying around… Catch my drift?